Well, well, well – look who paid us a welcomed visit and caught up with the City Cricket Club lads at this weeks training session … Can anyone name either of these gents ???

First Clue
-One came off the long run up whilst wearing – it’s fair to say an extra, extra-long jersey for our successful City Reserve grade team of the 80’s.

-The other originally ran off the long run up before reverting to the short run up and becoming a very successful City Premier grade spin bowler.

Still struggling????

Second Clue
-Once described as a ‘player not of this planet’ after an incident involving a plane whilst playing in a Dargaville Shield cricket match.

-The other character was also well known for being a grumpy leg spin bowler, inventing the legendary ‘Moon ball’ that many players described as lollipops but to their demise found themselves walking back to the club rooms after being dismissed by his ‘infamous’ delivery.

Thank you for coming back to visit us – we hope the bodies weren’t too sore this morning after your net session!